im doin it guys...

well, i finally set up my new blog cause i want you guys to be able to see when i post. that'll be comin soon :). and i have just one question, is jealousy something that should be in a friend? i have a "friend" that is always making comments about light skinned people, she makes fun at me because i wear shades and carry a purse (mind you it just got really hot and sunny in nj), she talks about me because i already wrote my resume for college (keep i mind im only a junior in high school) and to be honest im sick of it. like, i laugh it off because ain't no way imma let some bitch get the best of me but at the same time i wanna just yell out I CAN'T HELP IM FLYER THAN YOU. hey if she wants to be a dead beat and wear sweatpants all the time then that on he right? i just wanna live the good life and look fabulous on my way there...what should i do though?

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