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hey guys, been gone for a while. MY BAD! i just been really busy with school and being on lock down. yea you guessed it right, my mom still got me on that six month shit. i swear she gets on my nerves! i cant even call my friends to let them know im alive, cant wait till i turn 18, then im outta that house i promise you that. any way, as you guys know if you follow musik&soul, that we have a production company going on and i am apart of it and we've been kinda busy with that as well. (LOOK OUT FOR ROYALE SOCIETY SOON)

UM, I JUST HAVE ONE QUESTION FOR YOU GUYS...for those who watch the highly addictive BAD GIRLS CLUB, is it gay for two girls to kiss? there was a time when that shit was looked at as gay (not that i have anything against gay people) and no one did that. nowadays girls are kissing girls as if that shit is a innocent peck..hmmm..zodiac thinks otherwise.

oh, and here's my theme song (for now), trina went in and for the first time  she looked sexy to me...

this is how im feelin right about now..

oh and me and that boy i was messin with broke up. and i just want to say...IM SO FRIGGIN HAPPY!!!!!!

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