Shiloh Pepin passed about two or three days ago and my heart was so crushed. She was only 10. It amazes me that this young lady lived with something called "mermaid syndrom" and she lived life to the fullest everyday. I can truly say we encountered one of God's soldiers because she did not let the fact that she never walked be her limitation. We could only be so lucky to have lived life the way she did with two legs. Rest in peace little angel, you were the perfect mermaid.




Playing Russian Roulette

Hmm..do I like the song? Not really. Do I think the beat is hot and  plan to make a remix to it? Yes. Ok. Who doesn't love miss Rihanna? She has got more stlye than Beyonce has in one finger (thats just my opinion), and her songs are catchy (even though she made me wanna punch her in her throat in "we run this town"). Alot of people are not happy with her new single. Some people are even appauled because it's not only the fact that people don't see Rihanna as a singer but how dare she have a sing about suicide? The girl has gone through a lot this year what with being beat up on and all but damn! Could it really be that bad? Hit and miss rihanna, hit and miss. But she is still a bad mofo!



AS I GET OLDER I REALIZED THAT THE POEPLE I BEFRIENDED IN MY YOUNGER YEARS HAVE NOT PASSED THE TEST OF TIME. One of my supposed best friends that made me believe that we were gonna be friends for a very long time did not pass that test. At first I blamed myself and tried to think what could I have done to save the relationship. That was when I was still naive. Now I realized somethin , I gave that girl all of me, but she wanted more and didn't appreciate it. There's some people at my hell hole of a scholl that I am just so ready to say "peace bitch!" to. Cutting people out of your life can be hard to do when you have or had love for that person but you always have to do whats best for you. You can only give people what you have and if you try to give people more, you will have nothin left for yourself, and you will never know what it truly feels to be happy. But bothersome people and annoying f*cks shouldn't be too hard to cut out of your life. A girl gotta keep it movin!..can't cry about it, but I am sick of feelin like I have too many people around me that's not good for me.


guy friend vs. boyfriend

Today my mom and I were talkin bout boys ( a touchy subject for her), and she told me she is not ready for me to have a "boyfriend". I asked her why and she told me that with a boyfriend I would have to commit and feel obligated to do things. She said with a boyfriend there would come sex...something she DOES NOT want me doin. She claims she does not want anyone seeing my "lady bits" lol. I thought she was takin it too far though. My definition of a boyfriend would be a boo piece that you kick it with, boyfriend is just a title. But then she explained to me what a guy friend is. A guy friend is a male obviously that you hang out with. You go to the movies with him, go out to eat, talk and all that other good stuff. I thought I had to have a "BOYFRIEND" to have that, but my mom schooled me today. I have a lil "male friend", his name is Allen and he is too sweet. He's 18, in college for marine bio, with a job! I'm not supposed to date until I'm 17 but I don't wanna be dumb about relationships (even though i'm already game to these niggas) so I think it's smart to have a guy friend. For all the moms out there all I have to say is this: tell your child how precious their body is. Not enough people were told and that results in girls being pregnant at the age of 10 and babies being born with AIDS. INNOCENT LIFE BEING CORRUPTED ALREADY..sad. but I am still a virgin and I'm damn proud (so is my mom).


have you used your brain today?

have you thought today?
think periodically, (that means think sometimes)

back in the day #3

This song is sorta ho i feel about a mr.nijel, this is the perfect song because everybody has has a crush before and this song captured all the symptoms of a crush, IMMATURE-CONSTANTLY...enjoy

I'm back and I have somethin to tell ya'll!!

Guys I seriously feel like I havent' been blogging in forever, its been like five years and I apologize but junior year has been keepin me occupied. Like the new page? It look me forever to do this too cause I wanted somethin more me so I took care of it and now everything is straight. ok..remember nijel? well I still like him and last thursday was  homecoming and I knew he would be there. : ) this is what I wore:

He didnt know I knew but he was staring HARD! I knew I looked good and all and I thought it was cute that I caught his attention. All night I caught him staring at me, but he's shy so he didn't ask me to dance but it's ok because we played each others eye candy all night. It was my fisrt dance at the school and I saw so much. My school is about 99.9% Hispanic and i'm not sayin they can't dance at all cause I saw some girls killin it but OMG!...CAN YOU SAY NO RHYTHM!!??!! LOL



I know that Kandi was so in love with this man and it broke my heart that he was killed. I'm sad for his children as well because he had six. She has my condolences and she and his kids and his family will be in my prayers.


the good..the bad..the ugly

For the first time in weeks I actually felt like crying. I am very stressed, upset, crushing hard and it seems to me like time is going too fast for me and I feel like I'm being left behind.

AS FOR THE GOOD: I FINALLY talked to my crush. I was so scared but when I finally talked to him it was so good! It was funny how it happened cause I kinda yelled at him but still, it was dreamy and absolutely what I've been wanting since last year. Oh...and I auditioned for choral and I made it! Yay for me! I love music!

AS FOR THE BAD: I'm doing just OK in school. I am a serious perfectionist. My teachers say that everything doesn't have to be perfect but that goes in one ear and out the other cause I will not hand in work that's sloppy and less than worthy. That's not apart of the Briani swag. I have to be above the rest with whatever I do especially because I'm tryin to go to college and everything counts. But being a perfectionist is not easy. I give up so much time that should be mine into school work and I know that in the end it'll all pay off but some days falling off a bridge sounds really good. I just wish I could tell time to wait damn minute so I can take a deep breath and get some sleep!

AS FOR THE UGLY: people are gonna make me come out of my character and I will have to start distributing slaps! I'm not a clingy person. I'm independent and I like people who don't like to be up under me unless your one of the people I chill with all day everyday. There's two people that I feel like if they don't see me or I don't talk to them all day they can't go on. It was scary at first but now its just annoying and I'm getting mad! I know I'm a cool chick to be around but I have like five people in my school that I don't mind being around all day everyday, but some people need to take 10 giant steps back and let a girl breathe! They're gonna make me go into "Stewie mode" and just while out. And I swear if one of those retarded freshmen bump into me into more gin imma go off!