Playing Russian Roulette

Hmm..do I like the song? Not really. Do I think the beat is hot and  plan to make a remix to it? Yes. Ok. Who doesn't love miss Rihanna? She has got more stlye than Beyonce has in one finger (thats just my opinion), and her songs are catchy (even though she made me wanna punch her in her throat in "we run this town"). Alot of people are not happy with her new single. Some people are even appauled because it's not only the fact that people don't see Rihanna as a singer but how dare she have a sing about suicide? The girl has gone through a lot this year what with being beat up on and all but damn! Could it really be that bad? Hit and miss rihanna, hit and miss. But she is still a bad mofo!

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sssdawna said...

i think neyo is a great songwriter. rihanna sang the song really well, i think it's meant to creep us out, scare us a little...kinda like disturbia! i love it! = ]