guy friend vs. boyfriend

Today my mom and I were talkin bout boys ( a touchy subject for her), and she told me she is not ready for me to have a "boyfriend". I asked her why and she told me that with a boyfriend I would have to commit and feel obligated to do things. She said with a boyfriend there would come sex...something she DOES NOT want me doin. She claims she does not want anyone seeing my "lady bits" lol. I thought she was takin it too far though. My definition of a boyfriend would be a boo piece that you kick it with, boyfriend is just a title. But then she explained to me what a guy friend is. A guy friend is a male obviously that you hang out with. You go to the movies with him, go out to eat, talk and all that other good stuff. I thought I had to have a "BOYFRIEND" to have that, but my mom schooled me today. I have a lil "male friend", his name is Allen and he is too sweet. He's 18, in college for marine bio, with a job! I'm not supposed to date until I'm 17 but I don't wanna be dumb about relationships (even though i'm already game to these niggas) so I think it's smart to have a guy friend. For all the moms out there all I have to say is this: tell your child how precious their body is. Not enough people were told and that results in girls being pregnant at the age of 10 and babies being born with AIDS. INNOCENT LIFE BEING CORRUPTED ALREADY..sad. but I am still a virgin and I'm damn proud (so is my mom).

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