have a wonderful holiday!

Everyone, I hope ya'll have a blessed and safe holiday and eat until you burst cause I know I will lol.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


just thought you should know..

it's not easy holding back tears...I miss you.



OMG!! I MADE HONOR ROLL. For a minute I was telling you guys how hard junior year is cause it has been kickin my ass, and for a minute I thought I was failing some classes but a smart bitch like me made honor roll in the first semester. YAY ME! That means three things...I have to stay focused and do better, when I ask my parents for something they can't say no and that I'm starting my junior year correct so college better get ready for a sexy, smart and sassy force to walk through those doors. HOLLA! I HAVE DREAMS GUYS AND ONE OF THOSE DREAMS IS TO HAVE A BENTLEY AND A LOFT IN SoHo, and for that dream to come true i need to be making serious cake, and the only way to do that is through an education, right or wrong?


ok...(the word that turned the tables)

I dont know what the hell is up with my mom and her stank attitude but at one point she was two seconds from my foot in her ass. As fed up as I was with her nagging and ranting about things that had nothing to do with me, I refused to give her my energy, so when she was like, "..and you need to do what i tell you to!", all I said was a simple "ok". It was emotionless and it pissed her off. Mission accomplished.


letter to my past...

I can finally forgive you for the pain..I can honestly say I miss you. If you think I feel any resentment, your wrong. Life is too short for me to deny my love for you, I'm not in love with you though. I thought of you yesterday and I actually smiled. you still have that effect on me, even though your not what I need. I have to protect myself, that's why we're not together. Honestly, are you ready for a woman like me? I know your not but I still linger in the back of your mind, but I can say the same about you. We will always be friends and if you ever need to feel unconditional love you know where to come. 6 years and counting...can you believe it?

love forever, zodiac


DRAKE: a virus

I don't give a damn who you are, you heard Drake's music... you can think he's LAME, or you can think he's "the f*ckin best", but I dont like Drake but guess what?  I found myself humming "BEST I EVER HAD". Drake spread like a virus..am I right or wrong? lol, but at the end of the day that light skinned mofo is makin his cake and pushin out those hits, gotta respect it.

is bullsh*t on the menu today?

nobody is looking for much when they're looking for a boo. i truely believe no one's stadards are too high, but it pissed me off what happened yesterday. ok, so im at the chinese spot after school with my girls and we see this fine ass dude. nice caramel complextion, waxed brows (it didn't make him look gay), tall, rockin waves, nice lips, big brown eyes, you guys get the picture he was just fine. and he was dressed fresh to death. so he sees us and we all lookin good (especially moi, cause he was tryin to talk to me), and he walks over. i wasn't trying to get with him cause i have a boo but i saw nothing wrong with exchanging some helllo's. this is how the conversation went:

me: hi, how you doin'?
him: I'm good shorty, no wat Im sayin..you fine.
me: ok thank you
him:can I get your number sweetie? I'm tryna see what's good with you
me: well if you wanna know what's good with me I'll just tell you now, GOD blessed me and woke me up this morning and I plan on walking away wfrom you in about two seconds
him:damn ma, why?
me: ok first of all sweetie, you askin for my number and you don't even know my name cause you weren't smart enough to ask. second of all you don't know how to talk to a lady, and that's what I am so have a nice day, I dont have time for this.
him: you kinda stuck up
me: no, I just know what I want and how I want to be approached, and if I have to educate you on how to do that obviously your not man enough for me

*big sigh*... this is what I call someone having bullsh*t on their menu, and that dude really tried to serve it to me. "bulls*t" can be defined as anything you don't have time for and I do not have time for a dude that doesn't know how to talk to a female. I didn't want him to sweet talk me or to offer to pay for my food, I just wanted him to show some respect and to make it known that his mama taught him somethin. I expect girls to be better but sadly, we're not. I can't tell you guys how many times my guy firends would be like like "yo Bri, i just saw this bad chick but she was so stupid!" or somethin like that and the girl was serving serious bullshit. At the end of the day I want everybody to be boo'd up (shot out to khaki), but how are we gonna accomplish my dream if we keep serving each other the BS??!! We gotta get it together asap people.


prince: a sexy beast

I wish I was bold enough to wear butless pants lol beacuse I would have everyone working up a black sweat

and one text had me f*cked up...

I make it no secret that I have no relationship with my dad, thats how bad we are. But one day while I was in english yelling at my teacher I got a text from my cousin. She said "your father texted me and imma forward it to you." When she said that I was like "oh boy, this nigga make it his business to work my nerves!" I was turning beet red and I was thinking of how I was gonna have to yell at him when I got home.

 Finally I get the message. I was on the verge of tears. It said:
"I just dont wanna go into the new year without being in her life. I love my daughter and she's growing to be a beautiful young woman and I just don't wanna miss out. I know I'm not perfect but im trying and I apologize for putting her through what I put her through. please tell her."

I have no idea how to feel because on one hand he said this sh*t before so one side of me is just like "please shut your lyin ass up" but then again I do love my father and I feel a void in my life from time to time because he's not in my life and time doesn't stop just because I feel empty at times and we cant get time back, so it's either the relationship happens or not. I feel like my dad might be growing into a man finally but I don't know..is it too late you guys? I don't have time to catch him up on my life and I don't have time to teach him about me again. I'm not a baby or a little girl anymore and he missed out on very important times in my life, one being my 16th birthday!

honestly it pained my heart for him to think i want him to be perfect. no one is perfect, and i don't want him to be perfect, i just want him to be there.  i think i'll go cry now...

love at first sight..

I swear I didnt mean for it to happen but it did. Its not love but the feelings are too strong for it to be so soon. As of now he talks to me more than his girlfriend. DAMN! i'm not the type to wear my heart on my sleeves and im not the type to be nice when i first meet someone but..he found his way into my heart and quite frankly it's freaking me out!

i don't play games but im never 100 percent truthful with guys but this dude makes me wanna pour out a love letter everytime I talk to him...hmm... is love a possiblitity? But at the same time WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT LOVE? I'm only 16 (going on 17 in about four months)..we're the same zodiac sign and his b-day is a day before mine. Needless to say we have ALOT in common. wow..guys tell me what to do!


Do you believe in love at first sight?..cause I do..and tonight I see you (chris king holla at me!)




GUYS..I need some opinions so don't be afraid to comment..part two coming soon

I smell ????..but who is it?

I've been checkin out everybody's blogs and what not and believe it or not, alot of you guys have something in common. I will not say any names but alot of you guys are at that "experimenting" stage in your lives. I think it's cute and I think it's normal but some of you guys are afraid to "go outside the box" because your scared of what people think. People are gonna talk regardless and f*ck what people think! If you spend your life worrying about how people think you should live your life, you will never truely live it and you only get one honies!

 I've formed lil friendships with some of you and the last thing I would want you guys to do is jump into this "experimenting" thing blind so here are the rules (YES, I AM MOM RIGHT NOW LOL)

  • make sure the person is clean..like for real, they have to know how to take a shower
  • no ugly people
  • don't let somebody that you met in the club be the person you "experiment" with, I dont want hurt feelings
  • don't do if if it don't feel right, go with that gut feeling

back in the day # 4

(GUYS..i know i been slacking with this lol, i promise my blogging schedule will get better)
this os the classic jam that makes EVERY woman feel like a girl again, FOREVER MY LADY-JODECI

PRECIOUS brings back some memories for me man!

I can not wait for that movie to come out! It's gonna be here in Jersey on Friday so I'm gonna throw my sexy on just for this movie. I like to watch movies that make me think or wish I was in them but "Precious" brings back some memories for me. When I used to be a big girl (or at least thats what people called me), I used to feel so hurt. I used to walk with my head down (litterally), I was quiet because where I lived it seemed like your opinion didn't matter if you didn't have the perfect body. My mom didn't abuse me the way Monique did Precious in the movie but I was forced to cook alot because I was forced to take care of my lil cousins (that's why i hate kids).

Now that I've lost the weight and I feel invincalble, I NEVER forgot how things used to be and when I first saw the previews for this movie, it took me to a place that I still visit occasionally so I stay grounded. Alot of teen girls can relate, but I hope to GOD that incest will stop and nobody has to have their own fathers child!

For those whose town isn't showing the movie it sucks to be you! (just kidding)


i MUST have that good good

WE ALL HAVE OUR FANS RIGHT AKA HATERS, WELL SOMEBODY THAT WAS KINDA IN MY CIRCLE ALWAYS MADE HERSELF SEEM LIKE SHE WASN'T A HATER BUT ALAS! THE BITCH MOST DEFINITLY IS. Ok so I have a new boo ok, and he his fine! Six foot two, in college with a car and a job, so he got it goin on. I dont mind that other girls look at him or try to talk to him because he only got eyes for me and he's proven that to me on many ocassions but one bitch slipped up.

So one day when my man is about to go out with some friends and this girl approches him trying to spit some game. Hmm..if he was really interested he would have tried to talk to her, but anyway, he tells the girl ,"I have a girl, you probbably know her, her name is BRIANI." SHE SAYS :"Ew. your talking to BRIANI? She's fat and bald with big lips and she ain't a virgin." HE SAYS: "If you're trying to talk to me why are you so concerned about her?'' SHE SAYS: "OH..I didnt mean it like that." HE SAYS:"I gotta go."

That night he told me the story, so I had him describe to me the girl. Turns out I know the girl! We used to be kinda cool, I never tried to f*ck with her like that cause she's a hypocrite, a liar and a phony and she just proved my judgement was true. So my man told me not to worry about her cause she was just hating. Hmm..I just wanna know one thing. HOW IN THE HELL WOULD SHE KNOW WHEATHER OR NOT I'M A VIRGIN IF SHE NEVER TOOK A TRIP IN MY VAG? I would really love to know. And if she really felt like I was'nt a top notch bitch like I am then she wouldn't have found the need to bring me down. But it's ok cause my man made her feel stupid and I'm not even trippin cause I don't have time for no trick. She just got herself added to my list of fans.

lol, girls are so dumb, THAT'S WHY I'M A YOUNG LADY. (stupid bitch...)