is bullsh*t on the menu today?

nobody is looking for much when they're looking for a boo. i truely believe no one's stadards are too high, but it pissed me off what happened yesterday. ok, so im at the chinese spot after school with my girls and we see this fine ass dude. nice caramel complextion, waxed brows (it didn't make him look gay), tall, rockin waves, nice lips, big brown eyes, you guys get the picture he was just fine. and he was dressed fresh to death. so he sees us and we all lookin good (especially moi, cause he was tryin to talk to me), and he walks over. i wasn't trying to get with him cause i have a boo but i saw nothing wrong with exchanging some helllo's. this is how the conversation went:

me: hi, how you doin'?
him: I'm good shorty, no wat Im sayin..you fine.
me: ok thank you
him:can I get your number sweetie? I'm tryna see what's good with you
me: well if you wanna know what's good with me I'll just tell you now, GOD blessed me and woke me up this morning and I plan on walking away wfrom you in about two seconds
him:damn ma, why?
me: ok first of all sweetie, you askin for my number and you don't even know my name cause you weren't smart enough to ask. second of all you don't know how to talk to a lady, and that's what I am so have a nice day, I dont have time for this.
him: you kinda stuck up
me: no, I just know what I want and how I want to be approached, and if I have to educate you on how to do that obviously your not man enough for me

*big sigh*... this is what I call someone having bullsh*t on their menu, and that dude really tried to serve it to me. "bulls*t" can be defined as anything you don't have time for and I do not have time for a dude that doesn't know how to talk to a female. I didn't want him to sweet talk me or to offer to pay for my food, I just wanted him to show some respect and to make it known that his mama taught him somethin. I expect girls to be better but sadly, we're not. I can't tell you guys how many times my guy firends would be like like "yo Bri, i just saw this bad chick but she was so stupid!" or somethin like that and the girl was serving serious bullshit. At the end of the day I want everybody to be boo'd up (shot out to khaki), but how are we gonna accomplish my dream if we keep serving each other the BS??!! We gotta get it together asap people.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha ! i liked this !

hahha nicee onnee ;

sorryy this reply took so long but um yeaa i dont have no feelings for these people out here . i say fck em lol ..

ill have a new blog coming soon ;]

xoxo - x3mspeaa ..

khaki said...

Thanks for the shout out and i totally agree with you. The really sad thing is that he probably gets away with talking to females like that everyday because the average bitch accepts it. Key word- average.