PRECIOUS brings back some memories for me man!

I can not wait for that movie to come out! It's gonna be here in Jersey on Friday so I'm gonna throw my sexy on just for this movie. I like to watch movies that make me think or wish I was in them but "Precious" brings back some memories for me. When I used to be a big girl (or at least thats what people called me), I used to feel so hurt. I used to walk with my head down (litterally), I was quiet because where I lived it seemed like your opinion didn't matter if you didn't have the perfect body. My mom didn't abuse me the way Monique did Precious in the movie but I was forced to cook alot because I was forced to take care of my lil cousins (that's why i hate kids).

Now that I've lost the weight and I feel invincalble, I NEVER forgot how things used to be and when I first saw the previews for this movie, it took me to a place that I still visit occasionally so I stay grounded. Alot of teen girls can relate, but I hope to GOD that incest will stop and nobody has to have their own fathers child!

For those whose town isn't showing the movie it sucks to be you! (just kidding)

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