love at first sight..

I swear I didnt mean for it to happen but it did. Its not love but the feelings are too strong for it to be so soon. As of now he talks to me more than his girlfriend. DAMN! i'm not the type to wear my heart on my sleeves and im not the type to be nice when i first meet someone but..he found his way into my heart and quite frankly it's freaking me out!

i don't play games but im never 100 percent truthful with guys but this dude makes me wanna pour out a love letter everytime I talk to him...hmm... is love a possiblitity? But at the same time WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT LOVE? I'm only 16 (going on 17 in about four months)..we're the same zodiac sign and his b-day is a day before mine. Needless to say we have ALOT in common. wow..guys tell me what to do!

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khaki said...

Give your dad another chance. I never got to give my father his second chance because he passed away before I was able to get over my stubborn attitude.He may fuck up again but at least you can live knowing you tried