be mature or smack a ho!?!

(DEEP SIGH)..Ok, so yesterday was my moms wedding. BEAUTIFUL wedding, but of course there was some behind the scenes drama and for my mom and stepdad's (who has been in my life since i was three) sake i tried to keep it together but of course there has to be an oddball who fucked it up. My ghettos ass, fresh out of jail, broke ass,ungrateful, ignorant,27 year old auntie was about to get the beat down of her life from me, her sixteen year old niece. First of all ,out of nowhere she decides to take her and her three kids out of the wedding knowing damn well that my mom paid for everything for this wedding and nobody contributed,especially not her. SO, my mom is like "if you wanna bounce bitch,go ahead." and she left it at that. So my aunt had the chance to leave my house but her punk ass ain't do sh*t other than call her retarded ass friends and talk sh*t about my mother. So i'm getting pissed and ready to jump on her but my mom was like,''chill", and I didn't wanna ruin the day before her wedding so I do as I was told, I chill.
So,then after a couple of hours we were on our way to the LONDON HOTEL in NEW YORK from my house in Jersey and I guess the b*tch decided to go, so in my mind I was thinking "Yeah,you wasn't goin nowhere cause your ass is on parole and you're in a group home and have no custody of none of your three kids, so you can't take them nowhere." So we get to the hotel and we are passing through the hotel revolving door and her daughter never been nowere so she don't know how to do it and so I tell the little girl to push, and my aunt had the damn nerve to be like "Don't talk to my child,Briani"....part two coming soon... >:(


intintionally hurt...(letter to my "best friend")

I tried to hide it
I even tried to deny it
but I've been intentionally hurt
hurt by a love that was supposed to be reserved for me
by a person who i thought if i gave them what they need,they would give me what i need
I've been intentionally hurt
maybe she doesn't know
or maybe she does
but everyday i ask myself
"what happened to the love?"
when the world got to be too much for her I would be her shield
I was the one to hold her when she needed to be held
I've been intentionally hurt
I thought if I gave love I would get it in return
but I've been left abandoned and destitute
by my best friend, my sister,who was supposed to be you
I know she can feel my need and taste my pain
I know she heard me when I said "without you I would go insane."
I've been intentionally hurt
by someone I gave time that I didn't have
by someone who when her blood made her cry, I would make her laugh
I question my intelligence
I seriously thought she had love for me
I thought if I shed blood for her,she would bleed for me
I've been intentionally hurt
by someone I would never do harm to
so why were you so quick to hurt me if I never tried to hurt you?
I've learned to love her flaws
glorify her perfections
but you intentionally hurt me when you took away your affection
I'm hurt
and I know you know
but at the same time with any relationship, that's the way love goes




LONG STORY SHORT.. I have some assosiates my age that let boys lable them as a "something on the side", a "back door ho", a "litte friend" but in the end they feel nothing for them but the girls think they do cause the boys are making them do what women do. It's easy to make a man smile while they go down but it's so easy to not speak when my assosiates don't give up the sweets. Honestly i'm hurt by my assosiates insecurities but if they don't open their eyes and refuse to see that those boys only see them as "that girl" and that's all they'll ever be...-written by zodiac



KERI HILSON..people love her and i see why. she writes her own music, she's beautiful and her singles are iight, but i don't like HATERS and that's what she is. when she is having an interview she finds a way to bash alot of female artists and i just think that it's immature and thirsty..she needs to get it together cause she will lose her fan base like that...she lost me, but check out these videos



We were all very disappointed when she got with Bobby. I was very disappointed when she wanted to come back out with an album with the help of lil john...but she mad the right choice when hooking with Alicia keys and Swiss Beats for her new single"MILLION DOLLAR BILL" that you can check out here and other songs from the album. My mom is gonna have this song play at her wedding this Sunday!! She's the one who made me like the song lol


all by my lonesome...

Ever felt alone? Ever felt like there was no one to call on? Today I just feel like im alone..I have no idea why though. Maybe it's because im changing and my friends are changing from young teens to young adults...I dont wanna grow out of my friends but if that's the way its gotta be then so be it. I don't feel sad or upset but i do feel this indecribable feeling of lonliness and betrayal. Well,you can't be there for everybody and everybody WON'T be there for you..even though you expect them to. You feel me??


omg! wat is she??!!!

I happen to likeLady Gaga alot so this does'nt change my opinion she is supposedly in possesion of a penis and a vagina. she says,“Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself a female. It’s just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life.”...i can appreciate that she kept it real but i just hope people can be mature about it and realize that we all have private areas. some of us have vaginas, some of us have penises and some of us have both..thats just the way it is



yo..i got bit by a dog on saturday..it hurt so bad...it was my cousins dog...it's a HUGE dog! it's called a bull mastiff...scary stuff



he's still a cutie...

ok..so we were all crazy about his hit smash single "birthday sex", but if you are a music maniac like me you would know that the song has been out for some time because I had the song on my ipod for some time now. Anyway, I had no idea what Jeremih looked like but when I saw his video for "birthday sex" my mouth was watering! lol...so I told my mom i thought he was fine but she said he's gay. I didnt let her know she hurt my feelings but she may be right..but I dunno and idc because he is still a cutie...but here are two men I am just so attracted to and I KNOW they are'nt gay... morris chestnut and derwin from "the game"


is love a lie?

I wrote a song about why I think love is a lie but i'm gonna tell ya'll why. Alot of people (like family and friends) that I thought would love me for life showed me in one way or another that they were lying. They let stupid s*it get in the way and they end up hurting me...and then they decide to come back in my life and think everything will be ok..well its not ok. People really have to start thinking about their definition of love, because just like the word hate, love is a very strong word and can't be used just because you think you feel that way. You have to mean it with all of your might, it has to be in your heart. Tp be honest i'm not sure if love is in my heart anymore..will I recover?

zodiac...who is she?

zodiac...hmm..who is she? zodiac is a sassy, emotional young woman that is living her life like its golden even though some people try to make her gold dull.

  • capricorn=weird
  • aquarius=all about business
  • pisces=emotional (thats my real sign)
  • aries=firey
  • taurus=stubborn
  • gemini=bi-polar
  • cancer=caring
  • leo=a leader
  • virgo=glamorous
  • libra=cry baby
  • scorpio=sexy
  • sagittarius=outspoken

zodiac has all of that in her...enjoy the blog