zodiac...who is she?

zodiac...hmm..who is she? zodiac is a sassy, emotional young woman that is living her life like its golden even though some people try to make her gold dull.

  • capricorn=weird
  • aquarius=all about business
  • pisces=emotional (thats my real sign)
  • aries=firey
  • taurus=stubborn
  • gemini=bi-polar
  • cancer=caring
  • leo=a leader
  • virgo=glamorous
  • libra=cry baby
  • scorpio=sexy
  • sagittarius=outspoken

zodiac has all of that in her...enjoy the blog

2 acknowledgements:

Stefanie Alexia said...

im a leader

Harlem Missez said...

glamorous all the wayyyyy!