intintionally hurt...(letter to my "best friend")

I tried to hide it
I even tried to deny it
but I've been intentionally hurt
hurt by a love that was supposed to be reserved for me
by a person who i thought if i gave them what they need,they would give me what i need
I've been intentionally hurt
maybe she doesn't know
or maybe she does
but everyday i ask myself
"what happened to the love?"
when the world got to be too much for her I would be her shield
I was the one to hold her when she needed to be held
I've been intentionally hurt
I thought if I gave love I would get it in return
but I've been left abandoned and destitute
by my best friend, my sister,who was supposed to be you
I know she can feel my need and taste my pain
I know she heard me when I said "without you I would go insane."
I've been intentionally hurt
by someone I gave time that I didn't have
by someone who when her blood made her cry, I would make her laugh
I question my intelligence
I seriously thought she had love for me
I thought if I shed blood for her,she would bleed for me
I've been intentionally hurt
by someone I would never do harm to
so why were you so quick to hurt me if I never tried to hurt you?
I've learned to love her flaws
glorify her perfections
but you intentionally hurt me when you took away your affection
I'm hurt
and I know you know
but at the same time with any relationship, that's the way love goes

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