be mature or smack a ho!?!

(DEEP SIGH)..Ok, so yesterday was my moms wedding. BEAUTIFUL wedding, but of course there was some behind the scenes drama and for my mom and stepdad's (who has been in my life since i was three) sake i tried to keep it together but of course there has to be an oddball who fucked it up. My ghettos ass, fresh out of jail, broke ass,ungrateful, ignorant,27 year old auntie was about to get the beat down of her life from me, her sixteen year old niece. First of all ,out of nowhere she decides to take her and her three kids out of the wedding knowing damn well that my mom paid for everything for this wedding and nobody contributed,especially not her. SO, my mom is like "if you wanna bounce bitch,go ahead." and she left it at that. So my aunt had the chance to leave my house but her punk ass ain't do sh*t other than call her retarded ass friends and talk sh*t about my mother. So i'm getting pissed and ready to jump on her but my mom was like,''chill", and I didn't wanna ruin the day before her wedding so I do as I was told, I chill.
So,then after a couple of hours we were on our way to the LONDON HOTEL in NEW YORK from my house in Jersey and I guess the b*tch decided to go, so in my mind I was thinking "Yeah,you wasn't goin nowhere cause your ass is on parole and you're in a group home and have no custody of none of your three kids, so you can't take them nowhere." So we get to the hotel and we are passing through the hotel revolving door and her daughter never been nowere so she don't know how to do it and so I tell the little girl to push, and my aunt had the damn nerve to be like "Don't talk to my child,Briani"....part two coming soon... >:(

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driven9 said...

Wow, your aunt sounds wild, I have a crazy aunt also, I won't have anything to do with her...

the rockstar kid'

khaki said...

hmmmm... hood ass aunt I see. going to read part two.