OMG!! I MADE HONOR ROLL. For a minute I was telling you guys how hard junior year is cause it has been kickin my ass, and for a minute I thought I was failing some classes but a smart bitch like me made honor roll in the first semester. YAY ME! That means three things...I have to stay focused and do better, when I ask my parents for something they can't say no and that I'm starting my junior year correct so college better get ready for a sexy, smart and sassy force to walk through those doors. HOLLA! I HAVE DREAMS GUYS AND ONE OF THOSE DREAMS IS TO HAVE A BENTLEY AND A LOFT IN SoHo, and for that dream to come true i need to be making serious cake, and the only way to do that is through an education, right or wrong?


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JStar said...

Congrats!!!! It will all pay off in the end! My daughter is in her 11 grade year :)

Btw, Love the car :)

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