I'm back and I have somethin to tell ya'll!!

Guys I seriously feel like I havent' been blogging in forever, its been like five years and I apologize but junior year has been keepin me occupied. Like the new page? It look me forever to do this too cause I wanted somethin more me so I took care of it and now everything is straight. ok..remember nijel? well I still like him and last thursday was  homecoming and I knew he would be there. : ) this is what I wore:

He didnt know I knew but he was staring HARD! I knew I looked good and all and I thought it was cute that I caught his attention. All night I caught him staring at me, but he's shy so he didn't ask me to dance but it's ok because we played each others eye candy all night. It was my fisrt dance at the school and I saw so much. My school is about 99.9% Hispanic and i'm not sayin they can't dance at all cause I saw some girls killin it but OMG!...CAN YOU SAY NO RHYTHM!!??!! LOL

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