the good..the bad..the ugly

For the first time in weeks I actually felt like crying. I am very stressed, upset, crushing hard and it seems to me like time is going too fast for me and I feel like I'm being left behind.

AS FOR THE GOOD: I FINALLY talked to my crush. I was so scared but when I finally talked to him it was so good! It was funny how it happened cause I kinda yelled at him but still, it was dreamy and absolutely what I've been wanting since last year. Oh...and I auditioned for choral and I made it! Yay for me! I love music!

AS FOR THE BAD: I'm doing just OK in school. I am a serious perfectionist. My teachers say that everything doesn't have to be perfect but that goes in one ear and out the other cause I will not hand in work that's sloppy and less than worthy. That's not apart of the Briani swag. I have to be above the rest with whatever I do especially because I'm tryin to go to college and everything counts. But being a perfectionist is not easy. I give up so much time that should be mine into school work and I know that in the end it'll all pay off but some days falling off a bridge sounds really good. I just wish I could tell time to wait damn minute so I can take a deep breath and get some sleep!

AS FOR THE UGLY: people are gonna make me come out of my character and I will have to start distributing slaps! I'm not a clingy person. I'm independent and I like people who don't like to be up under me unless your one of the people I chill with all day everyday. There's two people that I feel like if they don't see me or I don't talk to them all day they can't go on. It was scary at first but now its just annoying and I'm getting mad! I know I'm a cool chick to be around but I have like five people in my school that I don't mind being around all day everyday, but some people need to take 10 giant steps back and let a girl breathe! They're gonna make me go into "Stewie mode" and just while out. And I swear if one of those retarded freshmen bump into me into more gin imma go off!

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