what's so wrong with hate?

people has said that hate is a stong word for as long as i could remember. for some reason it's never had the effect on me that it's had on others. like people would stop using the word and shit just because people told them it's a srong word. love is a strong word too but since it's a "nice" word people use it ALL THE TIME, EVEN WHEN NOT NECESSARY! long story short i hate my father. i hate that he hurts me and doesn't care. i hate that he claims me as his child. i hate that he ignores when he does wrong. and what i hate most is when his family or friends tell me i shouldn't use the word hate when it comes to my father because it's a strong word. SO WHAT?  i feel very stong feelings towards him and they aren't of love, they are of the complete opposite. if anyone feels strong distaste against someone or something, i think it's perfectly fine to use the word hate, and don't let anyone tell you different. i dunno i could be in the wrong but i just had to let you guys know how i feel on hate.  think it's perfectly fine...peace out

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Cook.ThePoet. said...

Hate is an ohdee strong word but w. the father yea its suitable.