gosh..that wasn't nice

so there's this guy named james who likes me. i guess he's a nice kid but, yeah, not really my type. he's a geeky black dude who doesn't know himself. and i don't mean he's geeky in the way that he's mad smart, i mean he talks like he hasn't hit puberty, he tucks in ALL of his shirts and he has zits that should have their own name. and i just hate the way he says my name. ugh, it makes me wanna punch him. so it's february and he came up to me and was like "what are you doin MAY 22?" i gave him a blank look. who the hell knows exactly what they're doing about 3 months away unless you're going on vacation? tell me, WHO?!!! so after i recovered from some internal mean thoughts and questions, i smiled sweetly and said "um, i dunno. why?" and he said it's the day of the junior prom and that he wanted to take me. (insert awww if you wanna, i wouldn't, because things just get worse) i laughed hysterically because i just didn't understand why he would ask so damn soon. first of all the junior prom didn't even cross my mind cause i hate this school and i don't wanna go. second of all i feel like old boy is on some OD shit because, like,  IT'S THREE MONTHS AWAY! i just told him i would seriously consider it, which i don't plan on doing. but he was bold though because he asked for all of my information ie. email, myspace, phone number. i aint give him shit because thats a potential stalker, its bad enough he stares at me all through class.

because i was so tickled by him, i told my sister. SHE WAS PISSED! LOL. she does not like james because she feels like he's ugly and dumb and she can't even belive he had the audacity to ask me out. (she must think the world of me right?) and before i could stop her she went on a mission looking for him. i know she has a slick mouth and believe it or not she's meaner than me! she finally found him and i tried to tell him to walk away, but his pride got the best of him and he stayed for an unexpected tounge lashin'. she went off!!! she went on and on about how he's ugly and how i would never go out with him, how he was stupid for even asking and honestly i felt bad for him. yes james can be  an annoying smart ass but i wouldn't have put him down like that. that doesn't mean i wasn't laughing though. i laughed till my macara was streaking down my face. im sorry, but the shit was funny, i just couldn't help myself, its like when you see someone fall, you're gonna laugh. at the end, james couldn't even look at me, he was lookin at my sister with disgust and, from what she told me, his eyes started to water. i felt bad but that just shows me that he doesn't have thick skin and if he wanna be with me, he gonna have to have heart. but i got a man so its all good. but that wasn't nice, it was funny as hell, but not nice at all. : )

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Cook.ThePoet. said...

*cough,cough* Who th hell is ya man? Prince was not informed of such person. & omg yall are jerks! James is type weirdo but damn don't break the poor boy spirit! Geez!