ugh. not even

ten days till the B-DAY
 i guess people were right when they say " the excitment wears off."

but the good thing is i saw my crush today!! yes it's the same mr.nigel i been havin a crush on since last year!
ugh, he's like tyson beckford with some morris chestnut and pooch hall and willie from day 26 all rolled into one. yes, it's that serious : )
which brings me to my next point, i need to "break up" with my "boyfriend"
he's becoming a real pain in the ass. he wants to be all up on me and kiss and talk and it's just at the point where i wanna tell him off but at the same time i don't wanna hurt him. but he makes me wanna slap him when he expects me to look good at all times but he be all scruffy and once he even smelled like fish, that's when i knew it had to be over. may sound shallow but whatever, my eyes and nose has needs and if he can't satisfy them but he expects me to satisfy his, it won't work anyway.

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Cook.ThePoet. said...

Nigel is not all that!! l0l geez
and I still have yet to hear bout this bf person -_-