gotta love 'em

my mom can be a straight up bitch, and im not afraid to admit that. two days ago i used the bathroom at about 2:30 am and this woman seriously stood outside the bathroom waiting for me to finish just so she could yell at me. who the hell does that?, i understand im on punishment and all but come on! i was doing what a normal human being does, why should the time in which it was done be a reason to yell at me. so needless to say she pisses me off and i think she needs a slap from time to time. honestly i havent done ANYTHING since ive been on lock and that includes asking her for lunch money, so yes, i starve while im at school because she's that much of a bitch sometimes and i get so turned off that i don't even ask. i can't even stress how hard she is on me. six months of punishment for a glass of wine, everyone is entitiled to their opinion but i just think my mom does not know how to punish suitably. so last night when she pissed me off yet again i realized that there is nothing that that woman could do to make me stop loving her. there'e just some people in your life that you are going to love regardless. but my biological dad is another story. i havent said the word dad in so long that its foreign to me. i hate that "man". he can rot in hell. there's no excuse and i pray that God will have mercy on his soul. nuff said.

now my auntie is a cute, young, annoying thing. she always wants me to babysit and she's always at my house makin a whole lot of unwanted noise and i get sick of her always asking me how i feel. ugh, i just wanna yell at her but she's so sweet that if i did i would feel guilty afterwards. she's another one that gets on my LAST nerve bt i love her just the same. 

the list could just go on and on but im gonna end it there. other than that i feel like shit but at the same time i don't. i feel like shit on one hand because i miss my ipod, my laptop, my cell phone and my boo. mommy took all of that away from me. and on the other hand i feel great because colleges are contacting me and i feel like im gonna get my ticket out of my house. i wanna get away by any means and college is my ticket. im at the point in my life where i can't wait to be 18!!! i think it will be sweet but something in the back of my mind is telling me that i need to live my life now and not wait for it to start on my 18th birthday, but im waiting...peace out y'all.

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Katlynne LaSalle said...

I know the feeling baby! So, just when is your 18th Birthday? LOL

LaLa said...

damn girl you just went off lol it's family, we don't get to choose but I promise you by the time your 21 you'll feel so differently about it all, trust me!