a woman vs. a grown ass little girl :what happened at the salon

So today I got my hair done. I got myself a doobi at the dominican salon because I'm trying to do my natural thing, but anyway there was some drama today. Even though I don't speak spanish and I live in a highly Hispanic populated area, I caught the gist of what happened. so there I was getting my hair blown out and all of a sudden these two women step to my hair dresser on some other shit. Like they were yelling at her and showing her text messages and all my hair dresser said was "uh-uh, no, not me", so here's what happened. One of the women thought that my hair dresser was creeping around with her man. So she came in a salon full of people with her sister (probably), and decided to put her business out ther in front of a salon full of people and she put my haor dresser on blast, but my hair dresser did someting very classy, she told the woman that she will talk to her later like an adult and handle their bussiness when they were alone.

When you find out that your signifigant other is creeping you can do one of two things. You can get all ignorant and act before you think or you can handle your business like an adult. Once when one of my boyfriend's cheated on me, I didnt cry (at least not in front of people) and I didn't yell at him when I finally I saw him. I spoke to him and told him that instead of creeping around he should have stepped to me like a man and told me he wanted it to be over because I could have had someone else by my side if he no longer has interest then I decided to pay the girl he cheated on me with a little visit. I didn't whoop her ass even though I wanted to, but I spoke to her. I asked her if she knew about me and I told her that if he did something like this to me, what made her think that he wouldnt do it to her? Long story short I didn't get ghetto and i didn't call her out of her name and i showed no weakness. After that woman left after making a scene I realized that even though some women are technically grown women, they are still little girls. Character defines you, and I did not respect the way she handled her bussiness, to me she was just a grown ass little girl who thinks that screaming and crying will solve her problems. But I, a soon to be 17 year old, would not have done that. I would have handled mine like a lady and handled my man before I went to her first of all because he caused the crime, and then I would have talked to her, on out own time. Not whe she was working and tending to customers. Character is what seperates women from little girls. That's what I I learned today. I learned that I'm a woman because of my mindset, not because of my age.


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Rock My Bunny said...

Hey ! Thank you for your comment, it was so sweet !

Happy new year !

See ya

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

omg, i love the situations you get in to! i love reading your blog, it always makes me laugh and think.

whay i would do: i wouldnt come for the girl. i would come for the man. i mean its his fault not hers. he probabaly tricked the women he was cheating on too.

JStar said...

Me, I would NEVER approach or even question the woman unless I knew her and she knew he was my man...You get NOWHERE with the "other" woman...If she wants to keep him she will lie for him but if she wants him but he dont want her she will lie on him...I take it up with my man and just end it right there because he WILL cheat again..

SinfulLyo said...

i'm too cool calm and collected for the bull so i wouldn't have approached the woman BUT you never know someone's situation. if i was married to a man for some odd years with children, a home, the white picket fence, and all that i would probably lose my mind and want to beat some ass lol.