there's a pregnancy pact in my school, never know what you got till it's gone : (

as you all know my school is infested with whores. im talkin bout girls who make it a must to show their belly button rings, thongs and even granny panties. girls who give head in the back of the class room. girls who have had at least two abortions before the age of 15, girls who wear yeast infection pants and "show everything but your nipples" shirts. if you guys think for one second im over exaggerating, im not, im being oh so serious. for those who watch LIFETIME, you know that the premire for the movie "PREGNANCY PACT" came on sunday and you'll have a better idea of what im talkin about. there is at least 50 girls in my school who ar pregnant. day by day i see what me and my friends call "the bump" on girls who we have to move out of the way for so she can pass. i am officially convinced that there is a pregnancy pact in my school. it only makes sense and the worst part about it is that they walk around thinking it's cute and that taking care of that baby will be a piece of cake. no, not at all. i have a puppy i can hardly keep up with (yes i have a new dog!!!) not to mention about 6 cousins that i co-raised by force and trust me, when they wanna go to the club and can't their gonna wish they kept their legs closed and waited for something worth waititng for.

other than that im still on punishment and i think my mom is in need of a slap. she's so damn annoying when she gets in one of her moods. honestly how can she yell at me because she left clean pots, yes clean pots, on the stove? she makes no sense half the time. ugh, moms! but i miss my ipod dearly and my laptop, and my boo. he's doin his thing in college so i can't complain. im happy he's not a bum. love ya'll! peace.

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Jade "Purple" Brown said...

well when thier baby is born their life will be completle hell and they will relize how stupid they truley are.

khaki said...

ole dumb ass girls. I saw that movie too and was blown away at how idiotic and immature they sounded.