HEY GUYS! There's this wanna be Nicki Minaj-Trina hoe who like to P*SSY SWAG! what "p*ssy swaggin" is is beyond me but she thinks it's cool. She thinks it's classy and she think's it's a good representation of all her "bitches". I though I would just give you guys an intro before I go in on this hoe. Y'all know how much I detest the word "p*ssy", but in this letter you will see me use it so I apologize in advance. This trick ass bitch have the nerve and audacity to have a stupid ass song called "pussy swaggin" and I'm mad, I feel disrespected so I HAVE to shut this down just one time.

Dear Slyver Karatz,
   Um excuse me honey but, um, no. You are a broke down bitch with no skills and you got to where you are (where ever that may be) by the seat of your panties and sweetie I do not find your little pussy swaggin song cute at all. Your song only amplifies how ignorant you truly are and it's sad. I hope you don't think your a top notch bitch because your weave is broke down as hell and I saw a little bit of the track comin out. If you seriously thought that women would appreciate you for this song lemme break it down for you : THIS SONG MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A HOE AND YOU ARE PUSSY SWAGGIN BY YOUR DAMN SELF! Ugh, quite frankly you disgust me and I'm really upset that you would think this would be a respectable anthem for women. It's bad enough that men (not all) look at women as just a piece of ass and your basically giving them permission to do just that! Did you you know that you stupid slut? Did that even cross your mind when you were probably fuckin the producer to this song that made you come up with this dumb ass concept?
And bitch I do not find your crusty weave havin ass cute. Bitch you are not Nicki Minaj and and you are not Trina so stop trying cause you don't pull it off. As Nicki would say "step your pussy up", if you don't know what that means then look that shit up on youtube, the place I found your fucked up video. The shit doesn't even play right. OMG that 4 minutes of your video was the most frustrated I've been all year and 2010 just started, so that's not good.
Ok, I'm basically done making you feel stupid, so while your pussy swaggin I'm gonna be swaggin in my Christian Louboutin stilletos like a real women you two cent hoe. DAMN, a 16 year old woman just dissed the hell out of you.

                                                                                    HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR YOURSELF,


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I agree with you chica... as a woman, I also feel disrespected by this work of hers. Hope she somehow realizes soon how negative of an impact this creation will have on other women, especially the younger generation...

On a lighter note, happy new year to you :)


Yet said...

"Ugh, quite frankly you disgust me and I'm really upset that you would think this would be a respectable anthem for women."

Haha. You killed it. I love that quote. Anyway, I only got through 2mins & 39secs. After that, I'd seen enough. Sigh. Fail. Epically.

Great Post

Raymond said...

Hey, nice blog. Thanks for following! You said you miss Maryland? Where do you live now?

JStar said...

I am upset that I cant get to the video here at work...but your letter...Girl, you had her on point!!! Tell her girl :)

RE: Raymond's comment...You miss MD???? Come on now, aint nothing here girl...I will trade places with you lol cuz you sure arent missin a thang here, same ole bs...