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I must take my alter ego seriously because I find myself talking in third person when I'm in ZODIAC mode. I love that lady. But anyway I feel all guilty because I feel like I haven't posted in two days but I was goin through some thangs. LADIES YOU CAN RELATE IM SURE. uhg, I just wanted to rip the skin off my stepfather's face yesterday! All he does is come in the house a complain...all the damn time and yesterday was one of those days where I wasn't fuckin beat for his BS. I was in my room chillin' then all I hear is "WHO ATE ALL THE CHIPS?!" We have about 5 bags of chips and his ass is mad because one of them were gone. He offically confirmed that men have that time of the month as well, it's not just women.

My ipod and I spent the whole day together and at first I was listening to those songs that fit my mood such as:
  • PMS-mary j blidge
  • RAIN ON ME-ashanti
  • WHEN WILL I SEE YOU SMILE AGAIN-bell biv devoe
  • NEVER NO MORE-aaliyah
  • UNAPPRECIATED- cherish
just to name a few but then I came across my "sexy time playlist" which consists of:
  • SEX THERAPY-robin thicke
  • SO GOOD-day26
  • BIRTHDAY SEX-jeremiah
  • BEDROOM BOOM-chris king (my future husband) (oh, and he has a song called ZODIAC,so y'all know I'm in love)
  • LOVE LIKE HONEY-pretty ricky
  • UNDER-pleasure p (i hope he's not a rapist)
  • WOULD YOU MIND-janet jackson
  • STAY-jodeci
Long story short that playlist took me right out of my fowl mood cause within the first notes of sex therapy I felt so much better. lol I was also reminded of my crush I had on JEREMIAH. whoo! That man turned on the sexy for '09, but it's a new year so I wonder who's gonna turn up the sexy for 2010. Trey Songs might just keep it goin'.Alright I'm done, peace.

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JStar said...

Yea I feel you girl...and YES, men have thier time of the month as well...with their grumpy butts lol I like your play list :) I feel you about not blogging, I only get on while at work lol...