Well it's about 2 minutes till new years and I just wish everyone the best new years ever! This is the perfect opprotunity for a fresh start, new things and a new you. Someone said on one of the blogs I read to leave things that happened in 09 in 09, so I suggest everyone do just that because there is no point in bringing the past into your present or your future, ya dig?

Everyone seems to be posting their new years resolutions, but I don't have resolutions, I have goals (yes there is a difference, you don't force goals, you aspire to reach them)

being nicer to my family- I have a mean streak in me but I think I should try to be more patient with family because weather I like it or not, they are my family and they love me (some of them) like no other and I have to cherish that and not be so willing to stop talking to them

get ready for college- I have only one year left in high school and then it's off to college so I have to start my portfolio so I'll be set cause ain't no way in hell im gonna be a bum at home while everyone else is living the college life

kanye's workout plan- Every time I go to the doctor she says I'm as healthy as a horse and I never understand why when my diet consists of chocolate, cake and cookies galore and I work out maybe every other week, so imma try to "work it out" every other day and watch the transformation, I do wanna look good for my 17th b-day : )

get out more- I love to go out but when the weekend comes and I have the time to go to the club I let my laziness sop me from fun, even though I need the sleep I feel like I should be out there having fun and meeting people...

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY- I have to learn how to save my cash because I know I'm high maintenance and the cheap stuff does not work, I don't wanna have to buy the cute jewelery that I know will turn my neck green or buy clothes I know aren't high in quality because I don't have the cash to buy the good stuff

Um, I think that concludes my goal list for 2010,I'm so excited!!!!

I'll holla at y'all later, stop by and tell ZODIAC how your new years was : )

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Beau said...

thanks for your sweet comment!
it means a lot to me.
hope you have had a good newyearseve.


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i hope you have a great year n im wih you on being nicer thing(well see how that works out)lol!

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

I just found you through friend's site . Your blog is lovely!
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Nadege said...

hey Z. have a blessed and productive new year, one worthy
of a strong & sexy woman as

here's to hoping the word N_____
is eliminated from the vocabulary
of all black people.


Tiffany said...

Happy New Year.

JStar said...

When's your birthday? My oldest will be 17 on June 29th :) and graduating next year, I am sooo not ready!! Girl that's my motto this decade to "Let it go" all the bs from 2009 and further aint gonna affect my future anymore!!! out of sight, out of mind :) Have a great New Year!!!

I have no idea why that your posts dont show up on my dashboard since I am following you...I cant see that you posted unless I go to your page...So I just make to sure visit ya often or atleast catch up from where i left off..

Don said...

college will be a good look.

you certainly have your head on straight.