I DON'T WANNA BE A BARBIE...(no offense nicki)

Iight, everybody wanna be a doll or a barbie. Hmmm, I got mad love for ms.Nicki Minaj HOWEVER, I have no desire to be a Barbie. Why may you ask, lemme tell you:
  • B.A.R.B.I.E.S mean "bitch ass rabid bitches imitating everybody's swag" to me
  • Why the hell would I wanna be fake beauty?
  • Why would I wanna fit into the idea of what beauty is?
  • I might have to dye my hair pink,blue, or some crazy color like that
  • I stopped playing with Barbies a LONG time ago
  • I have my own swag
  • I'm on my grown woman status, so being a "Barbie" does not satisfy my swag

A Barbie is a piece of plastic that has air brushed make-up on it to make it pretty. I want to be beautiful because I'm me. Not because I dye my hair pink and because I slap on alot of make up and wear bright colors all the time. And besides Lil Kim started this Barbie ish, and that has been played out for a long time now. Now Nicki is a bad bitch to me (well before lil wayne watered her down), but I could care less about her "Barbie movement". And I love me some Lil Kim, but she was beautiful before she injected her lips and cut off her nose and changed her hair blond. That shit is fake and I will never understand why she couldn't appreciate her real beauty. I mean sprucing up your looks is one thing, but they are doing complete 360's to feel pretty. Neither one of their body's is real, yeah didn't know that did you? Nicki ain't all that curvy and we all know Lil Kim's boobs float lol. God gave us what he gave us for a reason, and i feel like we should look in the mirror everyday and love what we see. F*uck what we see on t.v. or what other have to say. JUST BE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE YOUR OWN BLUEPRINT, THERE IS NO REPLICA, unless you have a twin.

NOW THIS MAY COME AS A SURPRISE, BUT MISS PIGGY IS THE BADDEST BITCH. THE REAL H.B.I.C, and she ain't even a real human but she never claimed to be a a Barbie.

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The Virgin Queen: YonAndrogynous said...

It's interesting how these vids of Nicki Minaj and photos of the "real" here are popping up "inactive"...but I agree completely with you. We've seen what Minaj bestows before in other female emcees she's just in a different stock. Love the blog miss.

pennanddpaper said...

i agree 100% with what you said. its ridiculous and i wasnt down with this babrbie movement from the begining. i aint plastic and i aint fake and ill be damned if i change myself for somebody that is probably insecure hiding behind a idgaf persona.
-nicki minaj voice- GET A LIFE ! :D

madd love.