my glue, my track, and my weave is down my back!

Ok, so I live in a town full of Hispanics. Most of them have that beautiful, healthy, shiny, long silky smooth spanish hair and I love it, but what I don't love is when they get a little bit too curious about weave! I mean damn, they act like it's some type of science to weave. Like one girl asked me about using "human hair" for your style, and I broke it down to her that if you use human hair you can wet it and use heat on it. Then the bitch asked me if you can dye it, since it's human hair. I gave her a blank look then said, "uh, no. if you want different color hair you buy different color weave." But she really pushed the fact that since it's human hair that you should be able to do whatever you want to it. It was kind of funny.
 Oh my gosh and once I was told from one girl that she heard that you have to cut your hair to get a sew-in. I was gonna say "how the hell are you gonna sew the weave in if you have nothing to sew it into?" But since she was uneducated about the wonders of weave I just laughed and said, "no, you don't cut your hair, you just braid it up."
 Now , I'm not ignorant so I won't fault them for something they don't know, but what I do mind is that they insinuate that you are bald if you wear weave. I rock half wigs and I love them, but I am no where near bald. If you take a look at my picture on your right (the black and white one at the top), you will see that I'm not bullshittin you. Doing your real hair every morning is time cosuming and I do not have time. And what people don't nderstand about Black hair is that it can't be all out and about all the time. Draw-strings, half wigs, buns, braids and sew in's are protective styles and are best for Black hair. People can call a woman fake all they want to but at the end of the day weave is cute, except when you leave it in too long and it starts to look like you tried to put a brillo pad into a ponytail. I mean I do my natural thing, but it's because I have "good" hair, but not every woman wants to do that, so if you wear weave, more power to ya! If your against weave, all I have to say is that it's a personal choice. (IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT WEAVE OR NATURAL BLACK HAIR YOU CAN JUST HIT ME UP ON MY AIM: miiszodiac, OR MY E-MAIL:jerseycityprincess@yahoo.com)

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