Those bed sheets must be COLD!..cause i ain't wanna see that shit

So I finally went to go see my brother and sister yesterday, which means I had to see THE BOY aka my dad.
Every second I spent in his house was excruciating! He kept asking me questions that he had no business asking. I feel like if he really wanted to know how my life was going he would put in effort to be in it. But any way, I had a wonderful time with my siblings. I love them so much and I can't believe theyre growing so fast, I remember when they were in the womb. : )

But anyway on to the good stuff, so I was talkin to my stepmother but she wan't looking at me and so I was just opening and closing this one drawer in her nightstand, and I turned my head and my eyes got so big! I could not believe what I saw. I was beyond disgusted! It was a purple, see through dildo!! I was so embarassed and scared, so needless to say I stopped playing with the drawer. Now I feel like dildos are more for single women who can't get none or they dont feel like asking no man for no d*ck, but here is this woman that is married to my dad, who can get some at anytime and I know this because I heard them on many occasions, who has a dildo. Even right now as I'm typing this post I don't know what to think. Just the thought makes my mind go blank. Well I haven't been there in a while so maybe the bed sheets got cold, I mean my dad did cheat on her so...I dunno that's their mess and it's up to them if they wanna clean it up. But DAMN! Zodiac ain't wanna see that shit! WHO DOES?!

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Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i used one of the original templates that are given when you first join blogger called minimia (somthin like that). then i expanded the width of template through steps i found on the internet.let me know if you want anymore help. i would be happy to help you whith whatever else is needed!

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Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i just read your post now! you need your own t.v. show! give wendy williams a run for her money!!

yizz.markey=] said...

wow that's how I felt when I sen one at a friend's house.
Let's just say I haven't been to her house since.
But you are thee funniest ever; stay cracking me up.

Pais [=

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

oh damn thats tramatizing. i would left the room lol

JStar said...

lmao...Yea thats crazy...But just because she has a man, doesnt always mean she is satisfied...I dunno...But this is as traumatizing and when I walked in on my mom and step father doing it doggystyle lol (I was 15)

Melisha said...

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Mista Jaycee said...

That's hilarious! Classic! Disgustingly disturbing but classic!
Just stopping in but dig, Your Step Mom is just staying prepared. As a Husband and Dad I know, sometimes a Man (Your Dad) physically can't and Mentally just don't want to put in the work. Sure, it's a pleasure but Women want emotional connections that sometimes a Man (Your Dad) just can't fulfill. So she uses a surrogate. No Harm, No Foul and by the way. Conceal the intimates in your life too. (Don't want anyone to peek at your Mystery.