I lied, I'm sorry...

i do happen to have christmas wish list. there's just some things that are just too hot for me not to want it.
(btw theses pic are just used for commentary reasons)

this BETSEY JOHNSON "spotty tote" is too cute, I have a thing for animal print, especially color animal print so I think I need this.

the GLITTERATI PUMP from forever21

the ROGERI TROOPER FASHION BOOTS from forever21 to complete my bad ass look lol

the TALL GLADIATOR BOOTS from forever21. my mom has these but I have to get my own because she's not sharing and her feet are a lil bit bigger than mine : )

and of course some cash so I can hit up victoria's secret and the MAC counter and so I can get some new clothes. There were more shoes that I wanted but this post would have lated forever if I continued with my wish list to satisfy my shoe fetish lol. I LOVE HEELS!!

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Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i remember i got a betsey johns a couple of years back, i ley my sister borrow it,a nd i havnt seen it since! when u get it dont let anyone borrow it!lol!

Noble Beeyotch said...

I have been looking for shoes online too...I have checked out forever21 gojane and aldo, but I am little apprehensive about shopping online....not sure about my size!

Anyway, I have an obsession with zodiacs too so when i came across your blog while blogwalking, i totally fell in love. I am following you now!

Happy Holidays!

Nadege said...

I'll take the bag and the $100,
then the first pair of boots.

Anonymous said...

gladiator boots are hawtt

Merry Christmas from Tisha jade @ akafamous.blogspot.com