well my x-mas sucked!!!

Gosh, I dont even wanna remember my x-mas. It was the worse. This year my mom felt like we shouldn't celebrate because of the economy and I was cool, but she told me her idea before I knew how I would truley feel. So on christmas morning I was expecting there to be gifts under the tree anyway because I mean, come on, who doesnt want gifts?! But there weren't any gifts and the damn tree looked like a weed plant. How you gonna get your tree on christmas eve? Gosh! (in the napolian dynomite voice). So I go downstairs to see my mom and my two bad ass cousins (I'm pissed that those lil brats are at my house for their whole winter break!) and when I said hello to my mom, I got the nastiest attitude from her! So that kinda pissed me off and I was two seconds from goin in my room and not comin out for the rest of the day, but because I was trying to be nice I stayed downstairs(I WAS ABOUT TO TURN INTO A REAL GRINCH). I offered to cook breakfast and everything, I'm sorry but I can cook better than my mom, and she gonna tell me no! At that point in my mind I was like "alright, don't ask me to do shit for the rest of the day." I don't usually offer to do things so when I do I suggest people ride the wave lol. Then she gonna get mad because she wanted decorations on the "tree". She seriously yelled at my and my auntie because there weren't any decorations on the tree! So we put the damn lights and decorations on the tree. I got plenty of texts and calls from people who were having a "merry" christmas and when they asked what I got I was almost embarrased to say "nothin'", but oh well, it is what it is.

Then my other aunt, the one who starred in my mini story "be mature or smack a ho?!!", came by my house. This bitch had the nerve to curse my mom out the day before, so she was most def on my shit list, but for the sake of my mother and the kids she didn't recive my gift of a slap, cause old girl needs what that dude got in my previous post lol. But she did drop off gifts for my lil cousins so that was nice. I guess the best part of my day was eating the food, of course I had to help my mom with the mac and cheese cause hers come out tasting like just noodles and if I wasn't gonna get gifts there was no way in hell I was gonna eat a unsatisfying dinner, but my dinner was excellent! and I finally got to watch Precious (i know, i know, not a movie to watch on christmas but keep in mind, our day was just another day but we had a big dinner) it was an excellent movie, and I plan on reading the novel. BUT I GUESS CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT FAMILY, SO ALL IN ALL MY CHRISTMAS SUCKED BUT I'M HAPPY MY FAMILY WAS THERE BECAUSE WE DID HAVE SOME LAUGHS : )

but anyway it's cooks b-day today!!! she's 18 now, a grown ass woman, so if you guys could just wish her a happy b-day at http://www.lyricalthoughtz.blogspot.com/ it will be deeply appreciated!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!

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Jade "Purple" Brown said...

the book is way better than the movie. my christmas wasnt that great either.i guess thats how it is as you get older.christmas just isnt as exciting as it use to be.

ps. u crack me up!

S H A M I L said...

yeah, i know how it feels... :(
but well, thats another experience and yes,it comes with age for sure :( experienced that myself too :(

thanx for ur nice comment, i took that picture in China couple of years ago,very magical place...

LaiParis said...

yea it gets like that, sometimes. but at least you had your family and stuff=]


Cam said...

THANx for showing WTU luv..your blog is really interesting, funny and personal..o i think everyones xmas kinda lame this year

JStar said...

Yea my Christmas was just about the same...My mom and aunt drove down from Myrtle Beach so the family was all that I had...I did not recieve one gift either...But your young, so I know you dont understand...My daughters wouldnt either