"I LIKE A LONG HAIR, THICK, REDBONE"..ok..."OPEN UP HER LEGS, THE FILET MIGNON"...um,what?..."THAT P*SSY..."...ok, I hate the song "Every Girl" officially.
Why in the hell do people refer to the female reproductive organ as P*SSY??!!! I hate that damn word with a passion, but let me explain why: it makes women sound like a object. It makes one of God's most beautiful and important structures sound like something one can just use and throw away. I have no idea if I'm the only female that feels this way but I really hope I'm not. That word always has a bad meaning and I hear women use it! Do men really have that much influence??!! I'm sick of hearing it in songs, I hate to hear it in movies and iIHATE to hear it in everyday life. I feel like these stupid men need to have more respect for the very thing that gave them life, held them for 9 months!! And women just need to stop using that word all together, I know everyone is going to have their own name for their genitils but "P*SSY" NEEDS TO GO FOR FEMALES ASAP. OK, I'm tired now lol, but this was just somethin iIhad to post ast 12:21 am, I must love you guys. But yes some opinions would be lovely because I need to understand why people use this word for women..."P*SSY"..ew.

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Jeff said...

Our genitals have always been our most powerful thing. From slavery to lynching...there was always some sort of subordination to our body part. Now Hip Hop has commodified our "power" to where other culture can buy it. The artists in who help commodify it have cultivated theri creativity through metaphors and similies to where caliing it the plain ol vagina is dull...So i guess there is reasoning behind it but wth...im on ur side...If ppl didnt allow the media to dictate their lifestyles--it wouldnt be so bad. Good post!!

khaki said...

lol... i say pussy.. but i used to be intimidated by the word. eh i'll keep this in mind the next time i think of saying the word.

Nadege said...

AMEN!!! A woman's body is sacred,
and this precious area is our
second heart; I'm tired of being
disrespected. And, and especially
tired of women who want to use
the word and think I'm inhibited
because I won't use the word
or accept it.

THANK YOU, Zodiac.

Oh yeah, the zodiac is fascinating,
not the tired everyday horoscope
in the newspaper, but the full
character study.

Have you read Linda Goodman's
Sun Signs? An essential book
to own.

Merry Christmas.

pennanddpaper said...

man i feel you completely.
to subjectify a womens body by using such a word is just the reality of their own character shining through. the fact that women themselves can call it that or call eachother bitches like its their names is just another reason why men feel its okay to treat women the way they do.

we have to respect and love ourselves the proper way before we can expect anything better from another.

madd love .

thanks for the follow !

JStar said...

all I can say is AMEN..Great post and soooo real...So much wisdom coming from someone who is so new to this world :) (My way of callin u a youngin lol, but hey my oldest is ur age)