the weave, acrylic nails, the make up, the lies

I listened to "j.cole-losing my balance" and it really spoke to me. As women is all the make up and weave and nails lies or are they the things that makes us, us? Before I listened to this song I thought my nails and my weave and the little bit of make up I do wear (lip gloss and mascara) was my style but to men, are they lies? Are they the things that contribute to the masks we wear everyday or are they just us? And if you think the make up you wear and your weave and the nails or what have you is just what makes you you as a woman, why do those things make you feel better about your apperance? I really had to think about this shit. DID WE LOSE OUR BALANCE?

In the last verse of the song he speakes about a woman that has this bad body and she basically fine as hell to him, but it's her mind that "made him lose his balance". Rather than go to the club and pop champagne, she would choose to rent a movie and get close (not in a too much on a first date kind of way), and she had old boy sprung, to the point where is friends felt neglected, and ladies ya'll know when a man neglects his boys for you that means you got him whipped. Now my question is why can't more women feed men their minds? Men have a natural need to be satisfied sexually (I learned this in my psych class), but I also learned that it is a woman that will make a man learn to appreciate a converstaion. Men love to think and they will respect a woman that will make him think a different way, but at the same time if she's not the visual he needs then most likely he won't give her the time of day. Men always say that women don't know we want but do they know what they want? I've come across men who complain about weave and make up and all of the other things they consider "fake", but if she took off that weave and was walking around with brillo pad hair, would he stick with her then ,even though she has this beautiful mind that he supposedly fell in love with in the first place? DID THINKING ABOUT THAT MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR BALANCE?


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Supastarrr said...

Congrats! You've received an award on my blog, check it out.

E Dot DizZy said...

I like this song. Thanks for the plug. You made a valid point too about conversation. Not a lot of women think past getting the man with their body they have to keep him with their mind. Kudos

SinfulLyo said...

i've always felt some type of way about weave and acrylics [just got a full set the other day for the first time in YEARS]. i have a love/hate relationship with both, i feel like too many women cling to this image that they create of what they consider is beautiful. they're not happy with themselves and are trying to fit a mold. then on the other hand there are some women that just like to switch it up and see weaves/wigs as a means to express themselves. so it's all very situational lol. but j. cole's music does have the habit of messing one all up haha.