my weekend, and how Tiger Woods fucked it up

Friday: Went to my friend April's house to chill, I had to get out of the house and it was the first time I chilled with someone here in my punk ass town. (I HATE it here!!) but she not from here so it's kinda different, AND did I mention she's my boyfriend's sister?  But anyway there were two dudes there, my niggas Alvaro and Kevin. I was scared because as soon as I walked in Alvaro gave my the eye, and in my mind I was thinkin " I hope he know that we just friends and that I'm not no ho!". Alvaro don't know what it's like to be around Black girls so I will get the neck and eye rollin on him with the quickness and not think twice. But anyway they were actin wild and I just went into my own lil corner so I could laugh at them, but then here comes Alvaro tryin to kiss me. I told him I got a man but obviously he didn't care, so I pulled away. Then he got mad and was like "Why you playin hard to get??" I wanted to yell at him and all of that but he was sexually frustrated and I wasnt beat and  I was just like "I'm not playin hard to get." So about an hour later he and Kevin left to go to the club, and he left mad. This is how I feel, when Alvaro and I first met I did think he was cute and I saw alot of potential in him, so as I got to know him better I began to have deep conversations with him about him and life and I guess he was attraced to the way I made him think because not too long after he began to change. He want my nigga anymore, he was a dude that was tryin to get with me. But I don't wait because I don't have patience, and if he felt someting before I got with Allen then he should have stepped to me like a man and said something upfront instead of tryin to get in my pants and then hoping that we would grow from there. That don't work for me and Alvaro has alot to learn and I'm not about to be his mama. But other than that my Friday was good.

Saturday: I woke up and decided I wanted a bikini wax! (go ahead and laugh) I wanna start doing it at home cause I'm tired of shaving cause it doesn't  last long enough and you look "prettier" down there if you wax as opposed to shaving cause you don't get bumps or discoloration. So me, April and Ashley went to rite-aid to get the wax. Of course we were actin crazy and extra Black but we had a good time and was laughin the whole way there until I looked to my right and saw the newspaper stand with a picture of Tiger Woods crying. I don't know the whole story, I just know that he was in a car crash and all of a sudden there's rumors about a sex tape and a love child and him cheating. (If someone can enlighten me that would be great) I mean, people love to talk about shit they don't know about and I felt really bad for him, and thats how he fucked up my mood cause that picture just brought down the while mood lol, but I pray for him beacause the headline said he was suicidal, and if that's the case I hope he gets better.

Sunday: Well my man finally came home from Deleware and we spoke. I still like him but it was weird when we spoke. No longer do I feel intense butterfllies, I felt numb. And not that good numb, I mean numb like I felt absolutley NADA when we spoke. But it's all good though, when he comes to my house tomorrow I should get some circulation for him in my heart again. But Sunday has been very relaxing and easy, my mom brought me lunch and I got some much needed sleep. I've been thinkin about gettin a new camera so i can record some videos and out them on here, wouldn't that be great cause I need ya'll to hear my voice when I say certain things lol. I plan to have ya'll crackin up.

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Izzy said...

the media needs to hop off his sack. thanks for the comment. peace!

ALEJANDRA R. said...

thank!!! ;) cute blog.

Cook.ThePoet. said...

He jus dumb cusz he got caught! lmboo!