ok i'm back!!

I feel like a stuffed turkey full of emotions. I'm happy and mad and a little worried.Well I'm happy because it's Friday. This weekend was much needed. It was hell trying to fix it but I fixed it so I'm REALLY happy about that so now you guys can see when I update this thang. I'm mad because I went to my boyfriend's house today to chill with his sister. His sister is my age and we're really cool, but his youngest sister who is a year younger than me and she does not like me at all. Do I have a issue with her not liking me? No, not at all. But what  I do have a problem with is that she disrespects me when it isn't even called for. I understand she's still young and immature at heart but she should know better. As soon as I walked in the door she said "the dog is here." At that moment I wanted to slap her teeth straight and rip the skin off of her face, but because I refuse to give the little bitch my energy, I'm gonna ignore her every time she has something to say. But if the little girl decides to touch me we are gonna have one of these..again.

I don't want it to go there, but I'm not as patient as she thinks. The quiet ones are the ones you gotta look out for, and that's me all the way. At any moment I could explode and do something to detroy her life forever and make sure she never recovers, but like I said I don't want it to go there. I dont have time for all of that.

The only reason I'm worried is because I just wanna do well in school. I have to get into a good college. I just have to.

peace out y'all! : )

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SinfulLyo said...

you have the right idea. just ignore the ignorance and be the bigger person. there's a reason she feels the way she does towards you so maybe you should try to figure it out. maybe she feels excluded because you spend time with the other sister.