be mature or smack a ho?!? part three

Before I know it the make up artist is in the hotel room and everyone is running around getting ready. I'm feeling tired and grumpy because i had, like, 15 minutes of sleep. So we had to be out of the hotel by 11 so the wedding could take pics at BRYANT PARK and PIER 16. Everything went well with my aunt until we got to PIER 16. O-M-G ya'll, O-M-G. So the photographer is taking our pictures and telling us how to pose and it was all good until the photographer wanted me closer to my mom, all hell broke lose. So I have to pass my auntie and I KNOW I said "excuse me'', she just might not have heard. So then she scoffs and makes this big announcement saying, "she is rude!", talking about me. At that point I was crying blood cause she was gonna make me throw her in the water and let the ship crush her. So the photographer knew something was goin on so because of her we had to stop the whole photo shoot and my mom and step dad went of and took pictures of themselves. So me, the rest of the bride maids and the groomsmen were on break, perfect time for me to let off some steam! So I start pouting at the little bench and my soon to be uncle comes over to me and asks me what's wrong, so I tell him everything. At the end of my yelling, he bobs his head and tells me I'm right and he is pissed off that she's acting like that on her own sisters wedding day! aAnd he was there when she was on her phone cursing my mother out to her friends. My auntie toya saw all of my body language cause I made it no secret that I was pissed so she pulled me to the side. After a 5 minute lecture on how I have to calm down and keep to together for the sake of the wedding (as if i didn't know this), next thing I know some bikers asked my aunt and I to take pictures with them to put on their website, lol. They were very pleasant. Anyway, we go back towards everyone and I just talk to my uncles. So I'm talking to my uncles and all of a sudden my auntie (the one who needs a slap) asks me to come and talk to her. I wanted to cuss her out right then and there but I just said "nah..". Then she was like , to my auntie toya, "well then it ain't my fault!". OH NO THE HELL SHE DIDN'T! FIRST OF ALL OF SHE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN HER SELF TOGETHER WHEN SHE HAD HER FIRST CHILD SHE WOULD HAVE HER KIDS AND SHE WOULDN'T BE FEELIN SOME TYPE OF WAY. SECONDLY, SHE IS THE ONLY ONE GIVING A STANK ATTITUDE ON THE DAY OF MY MOTHERS WEDDING, STRESSING HER OUT AND WHATNOT. THIRD OF ALL, AIN'T NOBODY TRY TO HURT HER BUT SHE HAVE THE AUDACITY TO TALK TO MY AUNT AND MY MOTHER LIKE SH*T AND DISRESPECT MY STEPFATHER WHO HAS BEEN TAKING CARE OF ME SINCE I WAS THREE??!!!! OH NO, NO NO NO NO! UH-UH! I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT...conclusion coming tomorrow (after my first day of school)

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