be mature or smack a ho!?! part two

So she told me not to talk to her child..by that time I was about to rip out her tongue cause if she really cared about her children she would have been a mother when her first child was born, instead she would leave her kids with my grandmother to party. So I just took a deep sigh and got on the elevator to go up to the room. Now I had the bridesmaids dresses in my hand and they were just steamed so anything can make they wrinkle and once again her daughter is acting wild and she was all over the dresses, so i simply said, "TT, you're falling all over the dresses." and my aunt was like (with the stankest tone) "SHE CAN'T HELP IT." Long story short she was testing my fuck*n patience and my gangsta cause as mean as I am I try to be nicer to family but that bitch was gonna make me catch a case. So we get into the room and I immediately step out to call my best friend/sister Kai cause I needed to let off some steam. After about 30 minutes of stares from random people and a group of cute boys (who were laughing at the fact I was goin off) me and kai came to the conclusion that my aunt needed a slap. I felt better and I went upstairs and I finally saw my mother, she needed some nails so we went to the duane read and my mother WENT OFF! She called my auntie Toya and told her that my other aunt should have left her ass home if she gonna be acting like that. My mom gives this woman money and pays for her kids school and lets her over at our house and she had the audacity to ruin her wedding with her stank attitude??!! HELL NAH!! My mother already knew I was gonna fight her but she told me to chill as you guys read in part one but somewhere in her I knew she wished I did, but my mom told me that she got a trick for her cause my aunt is gonna need her before my mom is gonna need my aunt cause my mom got her sh*t together. I didn't wanna stress out my mom too much so I changed the subject and made her laugh as we were walking back to the hotel and we discussed going to the THE PINK TEACUP in the city so we can have lunch. It was like 2 o'clock in the morning when we got back so my mom wanted to take a shower and do her hair and pin up her hair into the style she wanted(she already had a sew-in). And being the little prepared person I am I supplied her with body wash and feminine what nots cause the bar soap at the hotel was not enough for all of us, but only my mom used my body wash because my little cousins are animals and they would have destroyed my soap and I didn't care enough to let my aunt to use some cause she still needed a slap, so to each his own.....part three coming soon

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Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

Oh wow, drama drama. On your mom's special day too! Anyways, I hope the wedding went BEAUTIFULLY regardless!


♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

wow this seems like its going to have an interesting ending...waiting in anticipation