lesbians on straight women like white on rice

I don't have a problem with gay women. I have two lesbian friends but I can't get with them lesbian women pushin up on me when they know I'm straight. Like I had this one chick ask a friend of mine if I was gay and I was so appalled! How dare she think I would even go that way!?! But hey, us sexy chicks can attract anyone right? But I can't get with bein lesbo. I don't wanna hear no " don't knock it till you try it." or no "i can give you everything a man can." NO THE HELL YOU CAN'T. OK? But like I said I have no problem with people being gay but that's just not my thing. Like have you been pushed up on by someone who wasn't of your sexual orientation? Don't it feel weird? I'm just sayin that people's gay-dar needs to be upgraded cause it's pretty obvious when someone is gay, straight, lesbian or transsexual. And we have to respect each others space.

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~Kymmy~ said...

Amen Sista!