deep sigh, shake my head, then gigggle

Before I post the conclusion to "be mature or smack a ho??!!", I would like to give you guys a taste of my family so y'all can see what I'm workin with. Feel free to laugh because I stay in stitches when I see my family. NOTE: THE PICTURES I CHOSE FOR EACH FAMILY MEMBER IS VERY ACCURATE.

This would be my mom, classy, beautiful, a no-bullsh*t woman

This would be my auntie toya, beautiful, young, stylish but she is WAY sweeter than rihanna

This would be my auntie sharifa, the one who is desperate need of a slap, she isn't ugly but her story matches frankie's to a "T", with the whole jail thing and neglecting her kids and when someone says something she gets upset and she won't get it together, just like frankie. smh...

SO OK...these are the main characters in my lil mini story, now I hope ya'll really caught a glimpse of what I was workin with, a glamorous mom, a very sensitive auntie, and a serious hood rat. But I gotta love em right?

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khaki said...

*dead* at you comparing your aunt to Frankie cuz I swear i had the picture in my head when i read the first part. LMAO