hearts in my eyes...(a rekindled crush)

My first day of school was fantastic! I saw all of my friends, my new teachers are cool, and my psychology class is all that. But on to the good stuff, I looked cute, and as soon as me and a group of my friends walked up to the school, I saw him, Mr.Nijel. My heart starting beating too fast and I was listening to "blame it" by Jamie Foxx but all of a sudden I started to hear "when I see you" by Fantasia. That song has all the symptoms of a crush and I started to feel it all again. Last year when I first started to notice him the crush quickly faded after about two weeks, but I guess the fact that my mom is gonna let me date when i turn 17, which is about six months away, made me like him again. Or maybe it was because I saw today what I saw last year, a calm, cool and collect dude. And he isn't ignorant or obnoxious, and I like that. We have lunch together, so I was secretly watching him with hearts in my eyes, lol. I'm not desperate, if nothing happens then I'll move on because I've been asked out by plenty of guys and since I can date really soon, I'll be able to take them up on their offers. But Nijel, he caught my eye....and I would like to get to know him.

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khaki said...

Youre making me miss high school...
I know the feeling... there was this guy with his tall handsome self that could dress his ass off, always had a nice hair cut, smelled good, star basketball player... I mean dude was fucking perfect. I crushed on him for a whole quarter of the school year and during my senior prom asked him for his number. 6 years later- we have a kid, an awesome friendship, and we're thinking about working on a relationship again.

Yay for crushes. LMAO