is it me or am i unattractive?

i was talking to one of my guy friends and he said black girls are not attractive. he said there's just something about us that is a turn off. so i asked him if it was the fact that we have alot of attitude and he said no, so obviously he was talking about the looks. he went on and on about how brazilian women and spanish women are sexy. yes, i do think brazilian and spanish women are beautiful but i see beauty in every race of women. i think it has everything to do with hair. i have nice hair, but i don't think it's the most important characteristisc to look for. im not gonna say it's all about personality either because, come on, who the hell doesn't wanna be attracted to their mate, but to but down all black girls, that was cruel and ignorant. i think the stereotype is that all black girls have is nappy hair, bad attitudes, tar colored skin and fat asses. nah, that's not true at all. i've seen black girls with green eyes, grey eyes, blond hair, brown hair, long hair, sand colored skin (not to say that light skinned girls are more attractive), beautiful chocolate skin, just drop dead gorgeous to say the least. but then again everyone is entitiled to their opinion. im just sayin, my man had no right to put it like that.


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SinfulLyo said...

i started a post like this months ago and just left it in drafts. there's too much to address for me and it pisses me off. i've learned to just roll with the punches. if a guy says something like that i feel sorry for him and figure it's his loss!


its a real shame that people cant realize real beauty he's an ass im sorry to say but that a very ignorant thing to come out of someones mouth and i bet he was black because black men always feel the need to down there own smh..